2018 PCT Info Part II: Keeping Yourself and the PCT Healthy

This is Part II of our 2018 PCT Guide. Read Part I PCTA’s website has a very informative section for you and...
Feb 2nd : Amy

Pox & Puss O.P.P. #9 - Poop Talk With The Sklar Brothers

  O.P.P. 9 – Poop Talk With the Sklar Brothers We haven’t released an Poop Talk! Documentary Shane Mauss talks about...
Feb 13th : Pox & Puss Podcast

PCT Hikers Rescued From Snowpocalypse

On October 23rd, 2017 a SAR team rescued two PCT hikers from a 60-hour blizzard near Taylor's Landing in Washington. Several...
Nov 5th : Mary Beth Skylis