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Below are the ways in which you can become a part of the dangerously awesome and growing The Trek team.

If you’re a business or organization looking to get involved with the site, contact us here.

The Trek Bloggers

The Trek Bloggers are current or soon-to-be thru-hikers (Appalachian Trail, Pacific Crest Trail, and beyond). They are the site’s heart and soul.

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The Trek Writers

The Trek Writers are former thru-hikers.  They are avid section-hikers.  They are backpacking super-enthusiasts.  In other words, they’re those who love long distance backpacking and feel compelled to share this passion with others.

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Design Intern

We pride ourselves in providing quality backpacking information through an aesthetically pleasing medium.  We are looking to add hungry, creative individuals with a background in graphic design to give our content the beautiful face that it deserves.  This is a great opportunity to showcase your talents with hundreds of thousands of readers each month.

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Backpacker Radio Intern

Do you like poop jokes? Have you seen the movie Diarrhea? It leaked so they had to release it early. Yes, that can only mean one thing, Backpacker Radio is on the hunt for it’s next (also, first) intern. The Golden Candidate will be proficient with social media, have some journalistic background, and dreaming up Would You Rathers. Graphic design experience is a big plus. Denver-based candidates will have the pleasure of fetching PBRs.

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Editorial Intern

We are looking for someone who is passionate about the trail community, writing, editing, and all things backpacking. The chosen candidate will get the opportunity to flex their writing and editing muscles with weekly and bi-weekly Trek posts.

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The Trek Model

Want to be the face of The Trek’s store?  Here’s your chance. If you’ve got a knack for product photography and want to work with your favorite gaggle of Hiker Trash, you’ve stumbled upon the right page.  We’re looking for some outdoor photographers / models to feature The Trek’s lineup of new shirts, hats, and accessories.

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Chief Assistant / Marketing Intern

The Trek is seeking a Chief Assistant + Marketing Intern. The chosen candidate be an integral part of The Trek’s day to day operations and will work directly underneath The Trek’s founder and editor-in-chief, Zach “Badger” Davis. This individual will have a proficiency for project operations, social media, writing assignments, and beyond. This is a unique opportunity to learn from the person who’s grown The Trek into a media company that reaches millions of people every year!

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Pitch a Podcast

Do you have a podcast or podcast concept that you’d like featured on The Trek’s platform?  Let’s chat.

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The Trek YouTube Personality

The Trek is expanding into video- and with that, we’re looking to feature a few charismatic, knowledgable, experienced backpackers through our YouTube channel. The ideal candidate has at least a few thousand miles under their belt, feels comfortable in front of a camera, and has at least some basic video editing skills!

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The Trek Ambassador

The Trek is looking for a handful of thru-hikers to help rep their social media channels in 2021.  Specifically, we’re looking to feature those who are spreading positivity, ethical hiking practices, and those who are well versed in Leave No Trace, to our audience of a quarter million Instagram followers.

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Media Sales Manager

Have a proven track record with online media sales and want to work with one of the fastest growing outdoor media companies?  This is the page for you.

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Podcast Editor Intern

The Trek is looking for someone who’s got some audio editing chops. Specifically, the ideal candidate has at least 1-3 years experience with audio editing software and enjoys listening to thru-hikers talk about their envy-inducing lives.  The chosen candidate will have their work heard by tens of thousands of listeners.

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Video Production Intern

The Trek is looking for someone who can whip together some video magic. Specifically, the ideal candidate has at least 2-3 years experience with video editing software (AVS, Final Cut, Adobe Premier, etc.).  The chosen candidate will have their work seen by hundreds of thousands of readers each month.

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Backpacker Radio Internship

If you know, then you know.

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The Trek Gear Specialist

The Trek is looking to add a Writer who is gear-obsessed. This person sweats the details and loves to nerd out over specs. This individual has spent hundreds of nights under the stars, trekked thousands of miles on trail (or off), and has done so in a variety of weather conditions, terrain, and seasons.

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Lead Developer / CTO

The Trek is looking for someone to assume their lead developer role, with the potential to move into a CTO (Chief Technology Officer) role. The position will start off as a contract / part-time role with the potential for full-time work.

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Comments 14

  • Mike : Dec 31st

    I thru hiked the PCT this year. I would love to write about some of it.

    • sandra cosby : Jul 11th

      I would like to go Hinking. with someone some day that know what there doing. could you write me back tell me more. Mike

  • Gary : Jan 20th

    I’d love to hear what Mike has to say about his PCT hike!

  • Dane Pikkola : Mar 6th

    To be a Trek Writer, is it necessary to learn WordPress? For some reason it popped up soon as I logged in.

    • Sandra Cosby : Jul 11th

      I am trying to be a writer could you give some I deal?

  • Alexandra Cicero : Feb 27th

    Are you still looking for an editorial intern? I saw the posting but it said through March 2019, which is pretty soon. I’m interested if you’re looking for someone past then.

  • Sabrina Harrison : Jul 8th

    I am a former blogger for The Trek. I have lost my credentials and no longer have access to my old email to change my password. Will you please take down all of my posts and delete me as a contributor? Please feel free to reach me at the above email address with questions.
    Getting set up initially I worked with Zach and I believe a lady named Maggie.
    Thank you,
    Sabrina Harrison/Gogo

  • Nepal Holiday treks And Tours Pvt. Ltd : Jul 26th

    I am an Experienced Trekking Guide, Tour Operator and the Owner as well as Managing director of Nepal Holiday Treks and Tours. I am privileged that I have trekked and guided to Nepal’s most favoured routes and off beaten routes as well. If you wish to Travel remote and less trekked areas of Nepal, I am always good to go to help you to achieve your destination. I have decided to give my life in Tourism exploring various places, being a guide I dedicate my life. In my experience of life, there is nothing better than sharing the knowledge you have. I have a passion to share the knowledge I have about the historical, cultural, the diversity and the wonders of Nepal to the people seeking about it. Once I asked myself where I can find happiness and what is happiness? And I found the answers too. I found happiness in wild with Nature and sharing the nature’s lifestyle, cultural and historical wonders of Nepal are the happiness. I assure you that Travelling with me is like travelling with family more than a guide. My priority of the travel with my guest is their health and security. In a genuine request choose the best guide?

  • Grace : Dec 21st

    I was about to drop a nice dime of money at your store when I ran into the “protected” mode. Password needed. Can you lend me one?
    An avid reader of thru hiking stories.

  • Lawrence Edwin Tyson : Apr 11th

    when will you begin to take applications for 2021 bloggers?

  • Lawrence Edwin Tyson : Apr 11th

    when will you begin to take applications for 2021 A T bloggers?

  • Cary Davis : Feb 3rd

    I would love to write about my Enchantments thru-hike experience. It is only an extended day hike, so I’m not sure if you accept that kind of content. Thanks!


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