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Below are the ways in which you can become a part of the dangerously awesome and growing The Trek team.

If you’re a business or organization looking to get involved with the site, contact us here.

The Trek Bloggers

The Trek Bloggers are current or soon-to-be thru-hikers (Appalachian Trail, Pacific Crest Trail, and beyond).  They are the site’s heart and soul.  Applications for the 2017 class are open!

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The Trek Writers

The Trek Writers are former thru-hikers.  They are avid section-hikers.  They are backpacking super-enthusiasts.  In other words, they’re those who love long distance backpacking and feel compelled to share this passion with others.

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The Trek YouTube Personality

The Trek is expanding into video- and with that, we’re looking to feature a few charismatic, knowledgable, experienced backpackers through our YouTube channel. The ideal candidate has at least a few thousand miles under their belt, feels comfortable in front of a camera, and has at least some basic video editing skills!

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Editorial Intern

We are looking for someone who is passionate about the trail community, writing, editing, and all things backpacking. The chosen candidate will get the opportunity to flex their writing and editing muscles with weekly and bi-weekly Trek posts.

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The Trek Gear Specialist

The Trek is looking to add a Writer who is gear-obsessed. This person sweats the details and loves to nerd out over specs. This individual has spent hundreds of nights under the stars, trekked thousands of miles on trail (or off), and has done so in a variety of weather conditions, terrain, and seasons.

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Podcast Editor Intern

New for 2018!  The Trek is looking for someone who’s got some audio editing chops. Specifically, the ideal candidate has at least 1-3 years experience with audio editing software and enjoys listening to thru-hikers talk about their envy-inducing lives.  The chosen candidate will have their work heard by tens of thousands of listeners.

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Video Production Intern

New for 2017, The Trek is looking for someone who can whip together some video magic. Specifically, the ideal candidate has at least 2-3 years experience with video editing software (AVS, Final Cut, Adobe Premier, etc.).  The chosen candidate will have their work seen by hundreds of thousands of readers each month.

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Design Intern

We pride ourselves in providing quality backpacking information through an aesthetically pleasing medium.  We are looking to add hungry, creative individuals with a background in graphic design to give our content the beautiful face that it deserves.  This is a great opportunity to showcase your talents with hundreds of thousands of readers each month.

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Contract Front End Developer

The Trek is looking for a competent front end developer who can work on a contractual basis.  Projects will range from between 10 to 30 hours with the opportunity for more work based on performance and fit.

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Comments 3

  • Mike : Dec 31st

    I thru hiked the PCT this year. I would love to write about some of it.

  • Gary : Jan 20th

    I’d love to hear what Mike has to say about his PCT hike!

  • Dane Pikkola : Mar 6th

    To be a Trek Writer, is it necessary to learn WordPress? For some reason it popped up soon as I logged in.


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